The Hidden Power of Google Apps

google-apps-logoGoogles a name that everyone knows or google real estate seo. However, many people aren’t quite as aware of Google Apps. They’ve been around for some time now, but at the same time they’ve often been somewhat confusing. One of the big reasons for this is that Google has more or less invented the idea of online applications. While they certainly existed before Google, the company was the one to really perfect the idea and launch it into the professional world. Before, online applications had typically been flash based and not particularly reliable. Google took the idea into realms where reliability was vital. And they did so using modern HTML standards which gave an unprecedented level of cross platform compatibility.

My own experience began when I was still in school. Id chanced on a google apps promo code and decided to give it a try. And I cant properly express how glad I am that I did. One of the larger benefits for me was the initial promise of cross platform compatibility. Many people forget that it wasn’t long ago that proper office style applications were limited to Windows. Yes, they existed elsewhere. But there were typically a number of restrictions and limitations to them which ensured difficulty at various points.

The google apps coupon code opened my eyes up to a new possibility. As a computer science major, I needed to use a wide variety of different devices and platforms. The idea of a single program running on everything was certainly a technical possibility. But it wasn’t one which held much real world promise for actual existence. Or so Id thought until then. About the closest one could image was something written in Java. And even then there were limitations. The platform was often rather slow. And for all the talk of it being somewhat open, it was still rather limited as to where it could run.

Google Apps totally changed the way I looked at cross platform development. The apps gave me the ability to run a complete office suite on my computer, and my laptop, and even my mobile devices. Even more amazing to me was the fact that it offered such a high level of compatibility with existing formats. They’d done not only an amazing job of allowing their software to work with other file formats, but perhaps the single best job of it that Ive ever seen. This might seem like an exaggeration at first. But its true, the software often did a better job of working with various file formats than the native programs which produced them would.

That, and of course the google apps coupon, was the initial draw for me. What really kept me there was the idea of cloud storage. Again, one has to keep in mind the historic perspective. When I first experienced it for the first time with the apps the term didn’t even exist yet. Instead, I was just amazed at what the cloud storage represented. For a student who’d often been stuck scrambling for his papers this was amazing. I was suddenly able to access my papers anywhere, and from any device.

My devotion to the service continued well past graduation and right to the present day. It would still hold true if the apps stayed as they were back then. However, Google has done an amazing job of continually improving their existing apps. While they add in new apps on top of the existing ones to provide even more new features. One of the most impressive to me has been Google Drive. That took the online storage to a whole new level by allowing me to share and store anything for my job.